Organizing Travel and Tourism

We view tourism as an industry so we focus on developing it and provide the best from a systematic perspective so the output will be touristic programs, whether local or foreign, that take you to areas of different areas Including historical, cultural, natural, religious, and other interesting and distinct programs. We are also looking to make Our adventures interesting and enjoyable to show the beauty and charmless of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In addition to Arab, European, and American foreign destinations

Our programs have many activities, including, but not limited to:

  • Camping
  • Climbing mountains
  • City view
  • Religious tourism
  • Historic Landmarks Tourism
  • Natural tourism (such as caves, desert, etc.)
  • Museums and Archeology
  • Tour guide
  • Entertainment programs
  • Water Activities (Red Sea)
  • Diving trips, water exploration and fishing (Red Sea)
  • Educational tourism
  • Sports tourism

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